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Your Favorites – Kyle

Name: Kyle

Favorite hotel:

Hard Rock (Paradise Tower).

Favorite casino:


Favorite restaurant:

Heritage Steak

Go to game:

Video Poker

Vegas cocktail of choice:

Does it contain vodka? Then yes, I’ll have that.

What is your favorite Vegas memory to date?

Unwittingly ordering my own paddling at the Hofbrauhaus. When the waitress asked me to stand after taking a shot, I said “what? You going paddle me?”  Sure enough she left a welt on my ass for a week. I should have expected something was up when the shot of apple schnapps was deliver on a large wooden plank strangely invoking a memory of “thank you sir may I have another.” What was even more strange was that the entire restaurant became eerily quiet as I stood prone against the table. And then erupted in a celebration as the thunder clap reverberated among the lofted ceiling. Needless to say the table, by the time we were finished, was littered with shot glasses, and a bunch of men sitting propped on one cheek.

Any tips for other Vegas fans?  

Sweat it out. There is no better way to start a day after a night of drinking than hitting the spa for an hour or two.

Besides Vegas Fanboy, what other Vegas related media to you consume?

all of it.

Thanks Kyle! Like to share your Vegas favorites? Shoot me an email. I’d love to hear them!

Feature photo: “Hard Rock Hotel” by Ian Dick via CC by 2.0

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Host of the Vegas Fanboy podcast. A reluctant Millennial. An amateur human.