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Still Plenty of myVegas Comped Rooms to be Had

Most recent myVegas conversations seem to revolve around complaints of “limited options”. Rooms all but disappeared for a few months, but rumors surfaced regarding a reward catalogue revamp. It seems to have come to fruition. Many providers again released comp room rewards. While you can no longer purchase weekend comps, MGM did make certain rooms available. Here’s a rundown of room rewards you can currently purchase along with the LP price:

MGM Resorts Midweek Comps:

MGM Grand: 47,500

Mandalay Bay: 67,500

Monte Carlo: 30,000

NYNY: 32,000

Luxor: 18,000

Excalibur: 15,000

Red Rock Midweek: 45,000

GVR Midweek: 45,000

Palace Station midweek: 15,000

All myVegas partner properties also offer special discounted room rate options, even Bellagio and Aria. They usually throw in a a discount code for iherb too. These can be as economically valuable as some of the above rewards, depending price reduction. Some of these “discounted rate” rewards can be applied to your entire reservation. So, say you purchase the Aria 25% discount, it may be applied to multiple, consecutive nights. I say ‘may’ only because some have said they were able to do this, but we all know that the redemption process can be quite fickle. The outright comps can only be used once per trip. No multiple free room nights for myVegas players.

New partners are added every few months, further expanding the rewards catalogue. I know a lot, including myself, have complained about dwindling options, but truthfully, there are still quite a few quality prizes to be had.

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