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The Best Vegas Poker Room For Beginners

For beginner poker players, there’s no better place right now than the Plaza. The limits are the lowest you’d find on either the Strip or downtown. $0.25/$0.50 blinds seem to be the norm. That may double in the evening or if it gets a bit crowded. They also offer the cheapest tournaments around. A $10 tournament runs every day. The reason the Plaza can keep their costs down is because they only run three tables and there are no dealers. How does that work? Well, the Plaza poker room has incorporated electronic PokerPro tables.

Poker Pro Table at the Plaza Las Vegas

The electronic tables are a poker purist’s nightmare, but it means more hands per hour and no mistakes. The large center screen displays each player’s chip count, so there’s no guessing. A small light flashes on the player console when it’s a player’s turn to act. Your cards are displayed face down, obviously. To reveal your cards, you simply press a cupped hand(s) near the top of the card display, this will flip up the corners. Making bets is simple and you always have to confirm your move with an extra button. This helps if you accidentally make a mistake.

Poker Pro Table at the Plaza

I sat in the 10:30, $10 tournament on a recent trip. I like poker, but don’t have time for the 6 hour escapades of most Vegas tournaments. This room offers a nice alternative for the time and budget conscious. You’ll be playing with a bunch of regulars, though that doesn’t mean their poker play is anything to fear. The tournament offered unlimited rebuys until the 4th level. A few players rebought multiple times after being knocked out. This helps inflate the prize pool in a budget tournament. An additional, $5 add-on was offered after level 4, the first break.

The room is run well and the manager took the time to introduce the tables to new players. It’s a fairly intuitive, tablet like machine. Nothing to be intimidated about. The tournament had 20 runners and was finished in about 2.5 hours after a four way chop. I opted for the optional add-on after level 4, so I was out $15 at tournament end, but the cocktail waitress came by twice before I was knocked out.

The room offers a great value for those trying to get in a quick poker fix or for beginners looking to try the game out.

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