The Podcast



Who’s the host?

That would be me, Adam. I’m personal finance educator by trade and freelancing travel fanatic. I’m by no means an “expert” and I hope I never present myself as such. I like to journey anywhere and everywhere, all while being an unabashed budget traveler.

What’s the podcast about?

The show was created to showcase different experiences and detailing how to maximize your budget. I talk about hotels, casinos, restaurants, city guides, cocktails, loyalty and points, and share some goofy stories of trips past.

When and where do you record the show?

Typically, I record sometime mid-week with an occasional weekend mixed in. I do my best to publish the show every other Tuesday. I may miss a deadline here or there, depending on how hectic my schedule is. I record in my private sound studio. My wife calls it the “guest room”, though that just doesn’t sound fancy enough for me. But, yeah, it’s the guest room in our house.

How can I support the show?

Oh my, you are so generous. You can support the show by pledging via the official Patreon page. For $2 a month, a single cup of coffee, you’ll get access to bonus audio, live chats, private videos, and much more.

I love your feedback. Feel free to shoot me an email with any tips, suggestions, or words of encouragement. Safe travels. Be good to each other!

Here’s episode #1 to get you started:


  • As usual, a great show and sportsbooktom had some great info. As a 12-year veteran of low-rolling March Madness in Vegas, just a couple of additional comments:

    1) The utility of slow-playing video poker at the bar for free cocktails cannot be overstated. Even at strip resorts, you can play 25-cent video poker- slowly – and drink all day while you watch the games for free. Just avoid MGM properties.

    2) Seating in sportsbooks, viewing parties and casino bars loosens up considerably after mid-afternoon on Saturday. Sunday it’s no problem at all to get a perch, and the all-important drink tickets are much more likely if you a) tip the ticket writer (i.e., after he/she gives you your betting slips, slide a fiver across the counter and say “Can I get a couple drink tickets?”) or b) make a couple of horse race bets. Mostly a). Last year my buddy got fifteen drink tickets for a $5 tip at Harrah’s (Though this was the Monday after MM. Moral of the story: pick your spots.)

    3) Low rollers should definitely invest in the las vegas advisor membership and american casino guide coupon books. Match plays, half-price buffets and FREE DRINKS – for example, SIX free cocktails at Ellis Island and two free at Hard Rock.

    • Great points here Matt. Or Should I say Bob? How about just 77? Let’s go with 77. Tipping really goes a long way virtually everywhere in Vegas, even if it’s a modest amount. Appreciate your comments. Thanks for sharing!