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Low Rollers Tackle the NFL Season

We’re back for season two! We even have some fresh blood this year. Us low rollers and NFL betting amateurs are simply having fun and practicing our sports betting. Last season, I was the only bettor who lost money, despite a positive record. We’re running the same format this year. We have a $500 bankroll starting in week 2 of the NFL season. Our goal is to make it last as long as possible. As with any form of gambling, practice is key to money management. We figured this would be an interesting way to do some public training. For pro advice, head over to friend of VFB, The Vegas Parlay.

Here are our picks. We used the Android and ios app The Score for lines:

Week 15

Adam (@vegasfanboy)    Bankroll: $495  Record: (26-24-3)  Last season: (27-26-1

$11 units


Jeffrey (@IndyJeffrey)     Bankroll: $536  Record: (40-32-3)

$11 units

Josh (@JarshMcDarsh)     Bankroll:$275  Record: (15-17-0)  Last season: (22-26-3)

$11 units


CAR/NE/GB to win Division $50 (to win $150)
NYG to win NFC East $25 (to win $62.5)
OAK to win AFC West $25 (to win $175)

Tim (@_winning_picks)   Bankroll: $372.33  Record:(8-5-0)  Last season: (20-18)

This is obviously for entertainment purposes only. Seriously, mirroring anything we do is highly questionable.

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