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Cheap Las Vegas Cabana Rentals

2017 Edition

You don’t have to be a high roller to feel like one. Renting a cabana for the day is a great way to experience a little luxury. Surprisingly, it can also be quite an economical experience. At certain properties, the base cost is eliminated if you simply rack up a tab with enough food and beverages. For example, if a cabana costs $500 but includes a food and beverage minimum, your party will simply have to spend $500 to have access to the space and services. This can be quite easy to do with a decent sized group. This is especially true if you plan to spend most of the day there- I would. A simple food and beverage minimum rate is not in effect for all properties, but some work this way. Be sure to ask when inquiring about a reservation.

Many cabanas come with a dedicated server. Some are pre-stocked with water and other basic snacks. A few even have TVs, which actually makes it a fun place to catch a game. Amenities, of course, vary based on location.

You’re going to find the least expensive rentals at the lower end properties. While they may not be the most luxurious, the service and experience still make it worthwhile. Rates can vary wildly for a variety of reasons. It all depends on the demand of that particular day. Use this as a guide, knowing actual prices may be different. Here are a few cheap options:

My Favorites:

MGM Grand


The MGM Grand pool complex has the highest value in my opinion. I personally like the Mandalay Bay pools the best, but the MGM Grand complex offers the only cabana packages in the MGM Resorts lineup with food and beverage minimums included. My go-to is the Lazy River Front cabana. Knock back a few, then float at your leisure.

View from the MGM Grand Lazy River Front cabana

Downtown Grand

$150 – $250

Citrus at Downtown Grand offers a subdued atmosphere at an affordable price. Cabanas are good for up to 8 people and include the food and beverage minimum. The menu is limited, but the bar stocks a decent beer selection. If you’re looking for a quiet day away from the hustle and bustle, this is your spot.

Downtown Grand cabanas

Planet Hollywood


The Pleasure Pools at PH are surprisingly unexciting given the atmosphere in the casino, but the cabanas are a good deal nonetheless. While the price doesn’t include food and beverage, each cabana comes with 10 bottles of water and a fruit platter.


$200 – $600

Beautiful pool complex. The rentals include the option of simply paying a flat rental fee and adding food and beverage to your bill, or securing a food and beverage minimum rental. The F&B rental will typically be double a flat rental fee.

Additional inexpensive options:


Cabanas from $150 and up.


Cabanas starting from $150

“Pool Packages” starting from $50


$200 (weekday) – $600 (weekend)

Treasure Island


* Also have half day rentals at discounted rates


Elation Pool:


Various packages with different amenities. More expensive packages come with a bottle of Absolut.



Plaza cabanas


Three other pool recommendations:

Mandalay Bay– Cabana prices are expensive, but this is one of the best pools in Vegas.

Flamingo – An underrated pool in a great location. Cabanas are overpriced, though.

Cosmopolitan – Your cheapest options are on the second floor of BLVD Pool, which isn’t ideal, but the cabanas include a food and beverage minimum. The view is quite exceptional as well. (feature photo)

BLVD Pool cabana interior

Be sure to call and ask regarding cabana pricing and food and beverage policies. These prices are subject to change based on supply and demand. Most cabana rentals are forfeited during the late morning hours if the original renters don’t show, around 11 am or noon. If you’re a risk taker, you may be able to negotiate a lower price if there is availability.

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